Thursday, July 23, 2009

time just flies........

There's a bluebird on my window sil, there's a rainbow in the sky, there's happiness everywhere when you go walking by.......... I know that this is a country & western song... its an oldie....
I took this picture outside of my bedroom window this morning before the rains came.
As you can see out my kitchen window it sure was raining hard.
So whats a girl to do on a rainy day ??? Hook of course. Here is a country rug I have been working on for some time. I hook for awhile, step back and look then I pull out and start again.
This might get finished by the end of 2009.
until next time.....


  1. We had gobs of rain last night and all day today. We really needed it though!
    Cute rug...I love to hook...have been working on a fall rug for several years. Don't know which fall it will be ready!

  2. I tried rug hooking years ago, but of course I followed a printed pattern. It was kind of fun!

    Starting a giveaway on my blog tomorrow (Friday) - would love you to enter!


  3. Rug hooking. I used to do that many years ago. It is fun and the result is always so nice

  4. I don't mind a little rain and the bluebird is a sweetie. Craft is such a good rainy day activity. Ann :)

  5. On your rainy day...looks like you had fun. I spent mine steam cleaning and cleaning our rental property. You know, they always so that they will leave it clean but after 6 hours of cleaning...I think we can show it now. So I didn't get to do anything fun...but I am hoping the next rain I can get some stitching done. Dianntha

  6. Is the rain ever going to stop? Pretty soon we're all going to have to build arks!

    Love your rug, Linda. It's coming along nicely and it's going to be a beauty when it's finished!

  7. I like what I see! Can't wait to see it finished. :)

  8. I love your rug. I have never done any rughooking, but enjoy seeing yours. It is so hot here and we will love some rain too.