Monday, December 13, 2010

BRRRRRRRR baby it's cold outside

brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr baby it's cold outside.....

Look at this snowman ,
doesn't he look cold. The winds are blowing and it's snowing here again today. Yesterday my GD and her parents made this in our yard. It was a milder day even though it was snowing.

Lets go in for some hot chocolate and make our Gingerbread house. Sounds like a great idea. Didn't my GD and DD do a great job.
. There first together.

While its a day for working on houses, this little church got painted by GD and then DD and GD went about glittering and adding snow.
Now that's another fine job.

Well I just got a call from our local quilt guild.. Tonight's Christmas pot luck has been cancelled due to the weather. Good thing I wasn't looking forward to the drive.
So back to hand sewing down the binding on my sons gift..

until next time



  1. It looks like a good day to stay inside;)


  2. does look cold there. Darling projects though!

  3. We love the snowman! How fun! My boys can't make a snowman in Florida, but we sure enjoyed looking at yours! Beautiful gingerbread houses! Stay warm!

  4. It seems like everyone else has snow except us!Good to stay warm and cozy inside!


  5. Brrrr..frozen vehicle doors..snow..wind..yes it is Ontario..and it is winter..ugh!! More of it tomorrow also so staying home nice and warm.
    Looks like fun time with the grandkids. Love the way the gingerbread houses turned out..cute!!
    Keep warm..Judi B.

  6. It definitely looks like a great day to stay inside. I think our weather here is pretty much the same - snowy and bitterly cold.