Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a break from sewing

First, I started out with painting the garage doors, two coats . Am I ever glad that I started early this morning. The sun was beating down on me. The start of my sun tan. Who ho.
The doors were orange cinnamin, see the front door. I am unsure on the colour for the front door. We are debating on a new door with a window. This took me most of the morning. We lunched then I tackled the trees. They needed pruning.

I thought I would share with you my gardens. The flowers are slowly popping up.
I love the forsythia bushes. My very first house had them , brings back good memories.

Do you like my makeshift birdbath. An old milk can and an old wash basin make up the bath.
The birds seem to enjoy it.

Then there's my little boy with his dog to welcome you to my home.

Under him is periwinkle, lovely blue flowers. Iris's popping threw,lilys, tulips.

Here is grape hyanthis, and beautiful purple and pink hyanthis.

One lonlely daffodil. More yet to flower.
Some small flowers(not sure what they are).
Well I hope you enjoyed my little tour.
Come again.



  1. Glad you are finally having some beautiful Spring weather and blooms.
    So did you get a 'garden map' when you bought the home?
    If not then it will be like pretty surprises popping up all over!!
    How about a red door...;-)

  2. Your garden is beautiful and the spring blooms are so cheery. I love the improvised birdbath! Cheers, Ann :-)

  3. Glad to hear that you're having wonderful weather. The spring flowers look so nice too! I like your birdbath too - that's a really great idea!!