Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jelly Roll quilt along

Well whats a girl to do on a rainy spring day????

Well finish up some blocks of course.

My blocks are made up from my scrap basket and my stash. Rather than rushing out and buying a jelly roll I'm making do. So far so good..
I did encounter some movement in the fabric and i'm out 1/8th of an inch on block 2.Block 3....
Maybe my blocks will end up being 11 1/2 " finish....

I had a little help to day or would you say under foot....
Max our choc. lab, likes to be right there with you and of course fergus peaks out from under my desk. Every time I went to press I had to walk over Max. My dh gets mad and tells me to move him.. Na let him lie there.

Well I'm off to town to bottle my wine. Cheers....



  1. Great, you got caught up on your sampler!! Very cool to use up your stash.

  2. Your blocks look great. It is a fun project isn't it? Are you going to put them on the group Flickr page? I am hoping to make my third block tonight. Very quick to sew but I take ages to choose the colours.

  3. Your blocks are looking fabulous. Gorgeous doggies. Cheers, Ann :-)