Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jelly Roll Patterns

Well the weather here today is cold and windy. So what better day to stay in and sew.

Have any of you fellow bloggers come across 2 1/2" strips to find them not accurate?

Well I'm busy piecing my Log Cabin Star (Kansas Troubles) and my strips are not accurate.

They measured 2 3/4" so as I went along each one had to be recut.

I've had this pattern acually the kit for the last two years. One of my purchases while at the Lancaster quilt show.

Since I have been collecting Kansas Troubles material I saw it fit to make two at the same time. This one was the kit.

I believe that these strips were cut at the quilt store we went to on one of our day excusions while in PA.

That may be why they are not accurate.

Here is some of my stash that I used and here are the scraps leftover.

I should maybe use them in my next quilt. Or put them into the backing of each one.

I have to admit that this was a super easy project. I think one will be a gift and the other will become a tabletopper for my new kitchen harvest table.

I'm still looking for that perfect table.

My poor BOM still sits waiting to be quilted. Its funny how you work on something for a full year and then you are in no hurry to finish it.

How many ufo's have you got in your closet?

Time to put the kettle on for Tea. Wish you could join me....



  1. Ooh, I like that Log Cabin Star! I need to make a simple child's quilt,and this may be a good one. Great job on getting two finished!

  2. I think that is a curse that a lot of us stitchers/quilters have - rushing to finish a project and then it sits there because we can't get ourselves in the mood to finish it up - we're too anxious to start something else!

    I like your Log Cabin Star!! I have never run into a problem with the fabrics not measuring the same though.

  3. Okay, I've made some tea. Now where were we? Oh yes, your star quilts are wonderful. I rather like KT fabrics especially Butterfly Garden. Plenty of good sized scraps too. I can't wait to see your Tisket Tasket - I never finished my and need some inspiration. That's my UFO. I'm up to date on everything else. Ann :-)

  4. Love the log cabin star!
    So far knock on wood no pre cuts have been wrong. Will be sure to check them for sure before a project.
    Now I do get a bit PO'ed when I get yardage cut and it is not done straight! I have been known to take back. I try to check it now when it is being measured!
    I need to finish my Tisket Tasket too.

  5. Your inaccuracy on the strips could be the cutting at the shop. I just read an article about the jelly rolls (2 1/2 inch) and some of them you measure from the point of the pinking edge and some you measure from the "valley" of the pinked edge, so I really have been checking mine lately and adjusting my seam allowance accordingly. I haven't run into any real problem though.