Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well look what arrived in the mail today. My Dec. APQ.

Just the kinda day to curl up and do some reading...Its been raining off and on all day.

Well lookie inside, a full page ad on OUR LADY GO!!

As I continue reading I come along another cutting machine....THE SIZZIX. Well I had not known that the SIZZIX could cut material... I have the Original Sizzix. DH bought it for me a couple of birthdays ago. I used it for cutting circles for a wool tabletopper..still UFO.

I thought it was for making cards etc... I really have not had the chance to use it, since I focus on quilting..

As I continue reading another cutter appears.... The Simplicity.. I guess they are all out there to help us quilters..

Well back to reading..... I hope the rain stops soon.. Haven't had my walk in as yet,
until next time,


  1. I didn't know about the other cutters...but I would imagine that they might get dull from cutting paper like scissors do...anxious to know whether that is right

  2. How are you getting along Linda? I have been away from blogland for a couple of weeks. That issue of APQ looks pretty good. It will be a wee while before it reached Down Under. Ann :-)

  3. Hi Linda....I've not been reading any blogs [or blogging myself] for ages, Just popped in and though your decorations look great, Summer is on the way down here,,,,and I mean HOT,, How many ways are we going to find to cut our patchwork. Personally I still use the ruler and cutter. May try these from the adverts some time. Cheers Glroia

  4. I am getting the Sizzix machine...Not the one pictured but the Tim Holtz Vagabond, which can accomodate the Go dies, but that i want to use for the journals I make.
    Thanks for showing all of the machines.

  5. Yes, the Sizzix can cut material. Most of the paper cutters do. I have a Big Shot I bought for card making, but will use it for applique too.