Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hello everyone,
Linda's daughter here again. My mom wants to thank you so much for your comments, emails, and well wishes. Means a lot to her.

Her right wrist/arm is broken in 5 places, straight across, a bone that comes into the wrist from the hand and two fractures in the bone that comes in from the arm. Their are also two knucles on the wrist and one is fractured and the other has a chip out of it. Thankfully her wrist will not require an operation (as the doctors had once thought). Her left wrist is badly sprained so it is still difficult for her to type with that hand also. Will update you again soon, I know she misses all of you!
For now she is going to put her feet up and read the new fall/winter Quilt Sampler Magazine. That should keep her busy and inspired for a bit! She should be able get on here in the next week or so with her left hand.
Hope you are enjoying your day!


  1. OUCH! Here's hoping you heal in record time so you can get back to blogging with the rest of us.


  2. Hope you are feeling better soon. My brother had the same kind of dog walking accident a few years ago. It's a good thing we love them. Kathie L

  3. tell her this is a great time to read magazines and dream about all the quilts she will make this winter...hope the recuperation goes well

  4. Oh dear....that was quite a fall! We'll be here waiting for her return.

  5. Ouch...but when you look least you will be well for THanksgiving and Christmas!!!
    I hope you are not in much pain. Read your magazines and dream. Rest much. Dianntha

  6. Thanks for the update...we are all thinking about her!

  7. So sorry to hear of your injury. Doesn't sound good, that is a lot of fractures to heal. Have you thought about getting a second opinion? I only ask because I am a surgical tech/scrub nurse for several orthopedic surgeons. I would hate for you to have serious problems. Please take this with my best intentions for you.


  8. So sorry of hear of your injury. It sounds pretty serious.
    I just wanted to let you know that you might want to think about getting a second opinion. I only say this because I work for several orthopedic surgeons as a surgical tech/surgical scrub nurse and see fractures such as yours in the operating room very often.
    Please take this in the good hearted intention of mine. I would not want you to have complications from what is called, "non-union" fractures.
    The "chip" area is correct, there is nothing that they can do for that, the bone just has to heal by making new bone to fill in that area.

  9. Still thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  10. Aw gee Linda...
    so sorry to hear about your broken wrist. That sure will slow you down! Well, take the time to catch up on your magazines and rest up!
    Warm September well wishes to you!
    Take care, Laura

  11. Hello Linda!
    OUCH...oh my you sure do a good job when you do something don't you. You poor thing. I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and saying hello and I certaly appreciate it especially since I'm sure you did it with your left hand! I was just going through some of your old posts and I saw the one on the Flea Market and it made me realize that our monthly Flea will be starting up this month. They close for July and August here because of the heat. Anyway...ours starts next Sunday so THANK YOU for reminding me! I hope you arm and wrist heal quickly so you can get back to your crafts...looks as though you're a 'crafty' lady and I'm sure being 'down' is difficult for you. Best Wishes and I hope you'll stop by again to say hello when you're up to it. Take care. Maura :)

  12. Dear Linda,
    That sounds like a very nasty fall you had-I hope it is on the mend and heals quickly. In the mean time I hope you enjoy some rest and lots of cups of tea!