Sunday, September 26, 2010



DH did down pears, many baskets were given away to our kids and I thought we should can the rest. What an abundance of fruit. Next year we will know what time is right for the picking....
Two of the grandkids picked apples, two basket fulls to take home and enjoy..
So many still to pick. hmmmm apple crisp for dessert tonight, sure sounds good.. DH will get a crash course on making this delicious dessert.

Our two sons came out yesterday and brought their machinery to help their Dad put in a culvert and a new driveway up to the stable/garage. A job well done. While I was out at a fall house tour. Forgot my camera , shucks...

Did take some pics from around our house though. Started putting up my fall decorations..Berry wreath on the front door, beautiful mums in all their splendor,and our burning bush. What a show of red. I love this time of the year.

Hope you enjoy,
until next time


  1. Looks like DH & Sons did a great job and got lots accomplished.

    Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

  2. Oh Linda, it all looks so lovely! Your pumpkin table quilt looks fabulous - that really makes a statement! What a beautiful property you have and those pears are sure going to taste good in February!!!

  3. Love the table quilt...sweet! The rest of your decorations are great also.

  4. Love your table topper and enjoyed all the photos of Fall!!

  5. Linda , I love your table topper and all the fall pictures. Do you remember the name of the pattern you used or did you design it?

  6. love the pears good way to enjoy them later in the year i love canning xoxo

  7. Your house looks beautiful. I love the pumpkin quilt on your table. I have made that same quilt and it is by far my favorite "fall" quilt.

  8. You all really have a lovely property now Linda!
    Your table topper is awesome, love it and all your Fall touches around your home!
    The fellas did a great job as well!!

  9. you are sounding more like your old self. You have such a beautiful spot and your decorations are just the tablecloth.

  10. I've made the pumpkin table topper too and love it! I've been debating about whether I should get it out now or wait. After seeing yours, its definitely time to get it out!

  11. Ooh, your pumpkin table topper is beautiful! Love all the fall color photos around your house. Home sweet home!