Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The Month of April is a busy month for birthdays in my family.

We celebrated our daughters birthday April 16th , My DH on April 23rd and our grandaughter turns three on April 30th. Here is a picture of her finished quilt with pillow cases to match the backing.

I would love to share pictures of them but they are all camera shy..
My dh got many gift cards as well as a new cell phone from me. We now have to have a bluetooth to answer our cells while we drive. By Law. His old phone was not compatable. We had all the family meet us for dinner at a family restaurant nearby, the portions were very large. I had the chicken sovalaki.Then back to the house for cake. (ice cream)
Here is a picture of a new chair that was purchased for dh. He was using a old rocking chair to watch his big screen tv. He says that he will be asleep by 8 now that his chair reclines. lol Happy Birthday to all......

May is a busy month as well with our middle sons bday on May 2nd and mine on May 5th.
How do you celebrate your birthdays??


Jelly Roll Patterns

Well the weather here today is cold and windy. So what better day to stay in and sew.

Have any of you fellow bloggers come across 2 1/2" strips to find them not accurate?

Well I'm busy piecing my Log Cabin Star (Kansas Troubles) and my strips are not accurate.

They measured 2 3/4" so as I went along each one had to be recut.

I've had this pattern acually the kit for the last two years. One of my purchases while at the Lancaster quilt show.

Since I have been collecting Kansas Troubles material I saw it fit to make two at the same time. This one was the kit.

I believe that these strips were cut at the quilt store we went to on one of our day excusions while in PA.

That may be why they are not accurate.

Here is some of my stash that I used and here are the scraps leftover.

I should maybe use them in my next quilt. Or put them into the backing of each one.

I have to admit that this was a super easy project. I think one will be a gift and the other will become a tabletopper for my new kitchen harvest table.

I'm still looking for that perfect table.

My poor BOM still sits waiting to be quilted. Its funny how you work on something for a full year and then you are in no hurry to finish it.

How many ufo's have you got in your closet?

Time to put the kettle on for Tea. Wish you could join me....


Friday, April 23, 2010


Friday Already... Where has this weeek gone, We have had exceptionally beautiful weather.
This is where my time has been spent. Count the gardens. We have never had so many gardens at any of our previous homes.

Every garden is loaded with flowers. Every garden needs weeded. Grass, grass and more grass...
The front bed in front of our home..

East side of the garage, all perennials

East lot line, many rose bushes.
Side of the garage, bleeding hearts and?????
Another one out back with Lupines, Black eyed susans and ????

Our stable. We are going to be moving this to make it into a two car garage for our old vehicles.
And putting on Coach doors.

I can't wait to decorate the front....
Here is Max and Fergus.
Phlox along west side of house.

This is how far I have gotten with my x-stitch. This other pattern Country Gallery will be my next venture. Have a great weekend...

Sunday, April 18, 2010


OH MY, My order has arrived.

Well early last month my friend Janet emails me and says she is going shopping for Fabric. Janet who also lives in Ontario , is in Dunedin, FL for the winter.

HA what kind of a question is that.... Of course I would love for you to pick me up fabric.
2 yards of white, Janet brought back 4.7yds yoohoo, 2yards of polka dot fabric to die for... A rotating 12x12 olfa mat, 10 pink fat quarters for my new miss rosie (madeline) quilt, 5 georgous green fat quarters, 2 jelly rolls to die for..., and Miss Rosie's Quilt Collection.

THANK YOU...Janet...

Janet has just got the quilting bug.. Being a beginner she sure knows how to pick out fabulous fabric..

We celebrated my babys birthday yesterday. She turned 37 on April 16th. Happy birthday Jill.
Where has the time gone..

Today was our car club meeting to start off a new season.
As far as my x-stitiching goes I haven't started yet. I'm hoping tomorrow.


Thursday, April 15, 2010


I've got the bug.... The stitching (x-stitching ) bug.

After much encouragement from Debra (threadgatherer) and Kaaren (thepaintedquilt) Why not give my hand a try.

Brenda from our quilt guild had an open house last year to celebrate their new home. It is just beautiful. I should have taken a picture of it. Two storey Saltbox, brick Very stately and grandure. Well I remember seeing many framed x-stitch in her home.

A light bulb went off. Must call Brenda. So today I visited. Oh how lovely. Just how I remembered it. I did take my camera this time but only took some of her framed works of art. Some more, and more,more,more,Well are these the most beautiful works of art? There were many more that graced her walls. The next time I visit I will share more of her beautiful home.

Well Brenda brought out her vast collection of patterns and I chose this one.
Brenda said that I should not have any problem, just count ....
Yesterday I picked up 18 count white aida cloth 15x18 and tea dyed it. It shrunk to 17x14.

The pattern finished measures 8x8 so I have plenty of fabric.
Well we will see. So off to Michaels to pick up my dmc thread in the colours suggested in the pattern.

It is getting late, so maybe first thing tomorrow I will start. Or maybe not. We will see.

Like I said I've got the bug.... Wish me luck. I will keep you posted on my stitching journey.

Happy stitches..


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a break from sewing

First, I started out with painting the garage doors, two coats . Am I ever glad that I started early this morning. The sun was beating down on me. The start of my sun tan. Who ho.
The doors were orange cinnamin, see the front door. I am unsure on the colour for the front door. We are debating on a new door with a window. This took me most of the morning. We lunched then I tackled the trees. They needed pruning.

I thought I would share with you my gardens. The flowers are slowly popping up.
I love the forsythia bushes. My very first house had them , brings back good memories.

Do you like my makeshift birdbath. An old milk can and an old wash basin make up the bath.
The birds seem to enjoy it.

Then there's my little boy with his dog to welcome you to my home.

Under him is periwinkle, lovely blue flowers. Iris's popping threw,lilys, tulips.

Here is grape hyanthis, and beautiful purple and pink hyanthis.

One lonlely daffodil. More yet to flower.
Some small flowers(not sure what they are).
Well I hope you enjoyed my little tour.
Come again.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jelly Roll quilt along

Well whats a girl to do on a rainy spring day????

Well finish up some blocks of course.

My blocks are made up from my scrap basket and my stash. Rather than rushing out and buying a jelly roll I'm making do. So far so good..
I did encounter some movement in the fabric and i'm out 1/8th of an inch on block 2.Block 3....
Maybe my blocks will end up being 11 1/2 " finish....

I had a little help to day or would you say under foot....
Max our choc. lab, likes to be right there with you and of course fergus peaks out from under my desk. Every time I went to press I had to walk over Max. My dh gets mad and tells me to move him.. Na let him lie there.

Well I'm off to town to bottle my wine. Cheers....