Friday, January 21, 2011

2 year anniversary coming up on Jan 25!

2 year anniversary coming up Jan. 25th, and what does that mean....
A GIVEAWAY! YEP YOU HEARD IT RIGHT. So make sure you drop by and see what I have in store....

On other news.... I must be going crazy.. all this colouring.

My grandaughter painted this solar system and asked if I could transfer it on to cloth and quilt it.
One thing is for sure, I'm getting practice in making circles.

So here it is folks..
As well this weekend is another grandaughters birthday. Yes I know I promise not to dance too much... LOL

So for one of her gifts she has asked for some of our pictures of her for her scrapbook.

I did one better and made this banner for her. I quilted lots and lots of hearts.

I hope she likes it.

I also received this week a purchase that my friend Janet made for me @ rainbows end, Dunedin, FL. She sent these items home with a friend of ours.

The Hooty Hoot is going into a baby quilt, that is as soon as I find out that it is a boy or a girl..

The other fabric 12 days of xmas ??? not sure yet. Can you also see a bag. That will come in handy transporting my quilts to and from the guild... A BIG THANKS GOES OUT TO JANET AND CATHY....

Well I'm sitting here waiting for some news of my dear sisters operation. She went in for 10 and the operation started at 12 till ???? My niece is going to call as soon as she gets any word. It's a major operation so my prayers are out there.
Trying to keep busy and keeping the phone lines open.

I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable weekend,

until next time



  1. I'll say a prayer for your sister too! More is better. I love the Hooty fabric.. it is darling! Happy Anniversary (early)

  2. The little girl your granddaughter drew is adorable:) Your hearts are pretty.

  3. Keeping your sister in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. I am adding prayers. Hope all went well.

    Those artworks are precious. They will be treasured.

  5. I like that idea of preserving little ones artwork in a mini quilt!

  6. Your granddaughers will love their little quilts. I know I'll be doing the same for mine... So cute. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sister.

  7. I wish your sister the best :) Your projects are wonderful.....more with crayons :)

  8. Prayers for your sister. I love your little picture quilts just adorable. Enjoy, thanks for stopping by my blog.

  9. Prayers for your sister speedy recovery & that all has gone well.
    Love the projects well done
    Congratulations on your upcoming 2nd anniversary
    Hugs Janice

  10. beautiful little quilts. Prayers to your sister for her speedy recovery

  11. Your little quilts are truly works of art, Linda. Wonderful keepsakes for the girls, I'm sure they are going to love them. Wishing your sister well.

  12. What darling quilties you made for your granddaughters! Hoping that your sister's surgery was a success and she is on the road to recover.

  13. I hope your sister is alright and my prayers go with her. I love your little quilts Linda.

  14. I do hope all goes well with your sister. More important than a giveaway.