Monday, January 3, 2011

Busy Hands!

No resolutions for me. I only break them. Live for today life is short!

So today my hands have been busy. I pulled out my scraps and staring cutting. You see I received these new quilt books for Christmas. Need I say more.....

Then I took my fat quarters from Kate Spain, 12 days of Christmas and cut 5" blocks.
To a total of 55. You see I started this tree with Prairie Points. This was featured on Moda Bakeshop or Cara's Quilts. So I'm off tomorrow to Quilters Cupboard to pick up sashings to finish this cute wall hanging.

I have decided to pull out all my ufo's not many and start them. Here are the two.

One is from Bonnie Hunter, I had a head start on this one using my GO!. The other is a panel that I will cut up into runners for next fall harvest.

The fabrics are Red Roooster.

Then later this week I'm going to Home Depot. That's where I saw clear plastic bins that would be great to hold all new cuts. I believe they were only 99cents each. How could a girl go wrong with those prices.

Just before Christmas my DGD came over and she drew this cute picture of her and her brother.
So I copied it onto fabric and my DGD coloured it in. I then stitched around the figures and the added my batting and backing and quilted it. Added on the binding and here it is finished. Its hanging in her room. A little keepsake. As well I dabbled in drawing a ford pick up like my dear DH's and this is what he got as one of his gifts
. He was overjoyed.

While I am busy in my sewing studio, DH is in his workshop making these . Are they not a piece of Art... The humming of my sewing machine and the humming of his sander or scrollsaw every little piece is hand done. Just look at the detail.

Well that's all for now,
until next time,



  1. Wow, I would show off my DH's talents like that if he could do that! Look at those tires!! Treads and all.. amazing! I bet he's a real looker too ;)

  2. You have made a lot of beautiful things and starting some great projects, can't wait to see your progress. I love your husbands pieces, he does beautiful work.


  3. very nice work all the way around! thanks for sharing,Amy

  4. Your husbands creations are fabulous. All so amazing. Love your wallhangings.

  5. Oh my goodness - I don't know what to comment on first - all your quilting goodness or your husband's handiwork. Your husband is really talented - those are beautiful. And love your quilting things. I have that Nickel Quilt book too and there are so many wonderful quilts in there. Can't wait to see what you make from it.

  6. Congratulations on getting out those UFO's and getting to work.......They are going to be beautiful! The wooden vehicles your husband is creating are amazing too!

  7. Linda, I love all your projects, but WOW is your husband talented. I'm very impressed.

    Saturna Winery, on Saturna Island, BC has a really cute handmade wooden truck with wine barrels. Prior to seeing your husbands work, this winery was the only place I've seen such excellent woodwork. Spectacular.


  8. I love the tree in Kate Spain!! Gorgeous!

  9. Such a creative family - I am impressed :)

  10. Awesome work by the both of you, Linda! What a great start to the new year.

  11. Look at you two go!! Wonderful start to a New Year! I am thinking I may need to do the tree project too. Just have to sash and then quilt my Fall Pineapple Blossom.I too bought some bins at our Big Lots for 95 cents each to hold my strips.
    Great minds and all that!;-)

  12. I love your Prairie Point Christmas tree. The colors and fabrics are so striking!

  13. A lot of creativity going on at your house. I like your Christmas Tree out of 12 Days of Christmas. Will be fun to see your project from the Whimsical's fabrics Your husband's woodworking is beautiful.