Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Calorie Cupcakes!!

Brrrrrrrrr. We have had another dumping of snow this morning and it has finally stopped.

Now it is turning much colder and with high winds. Stay in an keep warm. Tonight is our card club. We play progressive euchure. We also have pot luck prior to playing cards.
I'm bringing dessert. I made a marble pound cake ( a recipe from an old friend) and then I melted dark chocolate over the top. I will also bring fresh whipped cream to go with this delicious cake.

So I got busy in my sewing room to make the ladies some cupcakes..

These are ones that don't require any baking..
Stephanie @ Loft Creations posted about her cupcakes and with this dessert theme I have going on I saw it fit to make these..

Don't they look scrumptious. No calories in these babies.

I want to thank you all for your kind thoughts and concerns about my scare. I am going to the Dr's on Tues. just to be sure everything is ok...

Make sure you drop by Stephanie's and try some of these cute pot holders.

until next time.


  1. Love the cupcakes, and that marble pound cake looks AMAZING. I could eat one of those for dinner! Stay positive... fingers crossed for you for Tuesday.

  2. I used to belong to a euchre club also...once a month and loved it. We used to bring snacks and eat as we played. I can't believe you made those potholders already...I just saw the pattern go girl! Lucky gals!

  3. Sounds like so much fun, Linda :) and your cake looks so yummy! Enjoy yourself! I hope your Dr. visit goes well :) Stay warm in the snow!

  4. Oh Linda, I've just donwnloaded the patterns from Stephanie as well.. but for you to have already sewn them...full marks!!!! They look great too. Hope your check up goes well..and maybe next time, well just a little less enthusiasm..but keep dancing girl!
    Rainbow smiles :}

  5. Yummy! Thanks for the link. Glad you are enjoying the pattern.

  6. Those cupcakes are adorable. I may have some inspiration for a mug rug swap I'm participating in. Also, that pound cake looks delish!

  7. Your cupcake pot holders are adorable! And zero calories are the best kind!!

  8. Oh those cupcakes are so incredibly cute! I love them.