Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Checkered Seat Cushion Covers and Tutorial

Well this has been a busy week so far.

So I thought I might as well start on the kitchen seat cushions , they are in need of new covers, don't you think.
Here is how it went.

Measure your width of your cushion, mine was 18" and add on 2 " so now my width is 20".
Measure your length of your cushion, mine was 17" and add on 17" plus add on an additional 4 "
for a total of 38".

Double the fabric right sides together the length of the fabric. so your fabric width is 20" and your length is now 19".

Lay your cushion on top of the fabric, and trace around the edge with a fabric marker. Make sure that the front edge of the cushion is at the fold.At the top trace in about 4" .

Mark off where the ties will attach and leave that space open and mark off at least 7 " for your opening.

Pin the layers together, and sew on the traced lines. At the top you will sew on an angle to the traced lines and continue sewing leaving the areas open for the ties and the opening.

Trim to about 1" all around.

Now you can turn your cushion cover right side out.

Now you are ready to make the ties.

Cut your fabric 4"X 35". You will need 8 ties in total. Iron in half then iron in 1/4" along the length then fold in half and sew down the side to form your ties.

Insert each tie into opening and sew closed from the wrong side of fabric. Once they are in place stuff your cover with your cushion.

Now its time to sew up opening. I found that if I hand basted it first it was easier to sew on the machine. No Needles to get in the way.

Well there you have it. 4 finished cushions.If I have left out any steps, please don't hesitate to email me.

until next time,


  1. Hi Linda,
    Your cushions look great- I was making some cushions today too!


  2. Wow. You did a great job! I need some cushions for my dining room table. You have inspired me!!!

  3. Hi Linda..yep I have to agree that the toile looks great on the windows and the checks on the chairs...did I mention that I love checks... but yes they do look better on the chairs. The kitchen is looking so good.
    Hugs Gloria

  4. Thanks for the tutorial...mine will be needing some TLC one of these days too...great idea!

  5. Love the checks. I'm so glad I stopped by. Great tutorial.