Saturday, March 19, 2011

Getting back to my old self

Thanks for all the Get Well wishes. It sure helped.

So pour yourself a tea or coffee and sit awhile. I have some catching up to do.

Well this past week was March break for the kids. I had my granddaughter come stay for a few days and she loves to do crafts with her Nana.

So out I pulled my box of styro foam balls and paper clay and we started working on snowman. I have never tried paper clay, but found it quite easy to work with. Did I tell you she is just seven, So after a few hours we came up with these. I know there is a long way to go before they are finished . But not bad for a first.... These now sit for 24hrs to dry and then we can continue adding on more clay...
So while these are drying we went and played a game or two on the Wii.
I promise not to exert myself and cause another asthma attack.

Well I did mention about the family room in my last post and how it looks so lovely painted. Here are some more pics of the finished room. I just love itIt's so bright and airy.

I have done some sewing/quilting... you don't think that I would have let that go

did you. Well here is the pillow finished and the quilt still to sew on the binding. Did I happen to mention I made this reversible.

The fabric is Fandango. This is a baby quilt for my new great grandaughter.

My granddaugter wanted a quilt that was modern not your average baby quilt with teddies and such. So I know she will be thrilled when she sees this one.

I have this fabric that I purchased some time ago. The toile and the checked.

I would like to make a valance for my kitchen window. I'm torn between the two.I have an all white kitchen with red accents. So either one would do. But what one?

I also have doors leading out to a deck. I would like to add some colour there as well.
I'm sure there is enough for cushions for the chairs as well.
Guess what my next project is going to be.......

Mr Lavenderridge has been busy in his shop making more wooden toys. We have ten grandchildren and he is going to put their names into a hat and each one of them will receive on of his gorgeous toys

.He is currently working on number 10. Can you guess what it might be?

Enjoy your weekend,
until next time,



  1. hi dear! I'm glad that you are doing well. Marshall and I finally got over our nasty bronchitis. We both had Zpak and they didn't even work for us. We know have his and her's!

    I had never heard of paper clay. I'm going to have to check it out. Loved the cute snowman.

    I like that you made the quilt reversible. That's a lot of hard work. The material (toile) you chose for your valance project is precious. I think the two materials look great together. I wonder if you could combine both?

    Mr. Lavender's toys are just incredible. Lucky grands that get to have those sweet toys!

    Have a great rest of the weekend and don't hurt your wrist again!!


  2. Glad you are feeling better, I got bronchitis with mine too, not fun.
    I found that I can't bowl any better with the game then with the real ones, still too much twisting.


  3. So glad that you are feeling better and it looks like you are definitely taking advantage of it with some gorgeous projects. I love the quilt and the pillow in Fandango. The back is as pretty as the front.

    Those toys are amazing and I am sure will be treasured for years to come.

  4. Hope you are feeling all better soon. I am amazed at how much you still get done even when under the weather!

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  6. Your husbands wood carvings are amazing! That is one talented guy you got there. And as for the kitchen curtains? Since everything in there is white, I think you should go with the red checked fabric. Since the toile is primarily white, I'm afraid those red designs are going to be lost with all the white you have going on in the room. LOVE that toile, though, and I'd love to see you use it somewhere. (funny, I meant to type the word toile, and typed toilet instead). Hope you feel better soon. Hang in there. It'll get better.

  7. This was quite a post with so much news I haven't a clue where to start! Glad your feeling better and your home looks lovely. As for your hubby...would it be a VW by chance?

  8. So glad that you are doing better! Love your projects!

  9. For someone so sick it seems to me that the quilting and pillow are quite a lot to finish. Love them both. I also am a great-grandmother, but I don't sew worth a hoot; I'm always getting the thread on the machine all tangled up. My middle son and one daughter got the gene of sewing well; it by-passed me from my mother and went to them. lol But I'm a pretty good scrap-booker, so that's what I do for gifts. :)

  10. You have been busy! Love the quilt with Fandango :-) What is paper clay? I showed my 11 year old son the wooded toys and he thought they were amazing......especially the crane and bulldozer, but he likes complicated trucks. Maybe an airplane is next? I don't think I saw one in the pictures. You are certainly a talented couple :-)

  11. Glad to hear you're feeling better Linda. Loved the pictures of your lovely roome and personally I think that the red check would be wonderful for the kitchen. I just looove red checks so I could be biased. What a wonderderful keepsake for your grandchildren with those lovely wooden toys from Mr Lavenderridge. They are delightful.

  12. What a busy bee you are..Love your post and everything you spoke about...Your husband is also one very talented craftsman..
    Smiles to you from,