Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Lavender, I love Lavender

I'm in the process of doing a mini makeover on our main bathroom.
So I'm on the hunt for lavender accents.
Went shopping and found that there were none to be found at this time of year. So do the next best and make your own. This is a mini tutorial on making a Lavender
Went to Dollarama, picked up 3 stems of lavender, moss and had the rest at home.
What you need... a pot
, florist foam, 3 stems of lavender, moss and a glue gun.
First I cut the foam the size of my pot opening and placed it in.
Next I measured the stems
and cut them to fit.
Now press them into the foam
making sure they go to the bottom of the pot.
Now you are ready to add the moss.
Make sure you heat up your glue gun and now start layering glue and moss
till the pot and foam is covered. That's all there is to it.
One down
, now on to the next curtains.

Here is a plant I did find. Purple Heather
and I purchased this cute pot for it to go in. Don't you just love the bees.

Until next time


  1. Very cute!! You'll have to post the barhroom when you finish redecorating it.

  2. Love the tutorial on how to make the lavender potted plant. Thank you.