Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Valances done in....

I went with the Toile.
I love the English countryside or maybe a little France. Tour around my kitchen and you will find roosters
, ironstone and many English transfer ware dishes. I have one plate that I love right in the middle of my hutch. Can you see it there. The red and white one. So that's where I took my inspiration from and decided to sew with the Toile fabric.
These sewed up quite fast once I measured my windows.
I also lined these valances with muslin
. Muslin is another fabric that I like to have lots of.
With the leftover fabric I made a table
runner. Yes you guessed it I lined it as well with the muslin.
Tulips in yellow really make everything pop with colour.
I have decided with the check fabric to make new cushion covers for the chairs.

Since it's National Puppy Day, here is Fergus
and Max wishing all you puppys out there Have a Super Dog Day.

until next time, enjoy your day,



  1. I love your choice in fabric..the Toile looks great...the check will also look good...I love your Fergus....I have a Westie, these dogs...

  2. Hi I really enjoyed reading your post today. I am so glad you like English countryside and you think it's because I am English and now live in France so entirely agree with you! Toile is my all time favourite fabric but it is soooo expensive here unless I can find some in the sales!

  3. The kitchen looks fabulous. I love the valances.

  4. Beautiful Linda! Copper says "Hi!" to Fergus and Max :-)

  5. Hi there! I just found you because my google reader recommended that I come take a gander. I am now a follower because I ADORE toile! Your kitchen looks terrific, and Fergus and Max should hang out with Beezie and Charlie. :)

  6. Great looking valances and table runner. I love the toile fabric. Your pups are very cute too.

  7. I love any kind of toile being one of my favorites. Great curtains and the quilt and pillow from your previous post are gorgeous...Fandango is a favorite also! (can you tell that I am catching up on post reading?)

  8. Love the curtains and table runner!!! I been wanting to find dishes with that print also!!!