Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Have you ever been to this great site. Breathe Natural Bath and Body Products. I use their soap on my face. There's no harsh chemicals or preservatives in any of their products. I also highly recommend their all natural body salve. It contains Vitamin E which is great for the skin. I apply a small amount to my face night and day. To keep my skin looking and feeling great. OHHH and you must try the mama stick . It rolls up just like a deodorant stick but it is cocoa butter with Vit E as well. Just roll it on those legs after shaving and your legs will be smooth as a babys bum all day. No having to repeat like you would with some creams.

Check out this site as well . They are having a giveaway for liquid hand wash at:



  1. Linda, thanks for sharing. I just love natural products, especially on my skin.

  2. I had to *convert* to natural products a few years ago. Didn't mind after I learned about the toxic substances in mainstream products...Ann :)