Saturday, April 4, 2009

Good Saturday everyone.
It snowed here today and the wind just howelled.
It was very cold. Our Town held its Maple Syrup Festival and the crowds were small.
Tomorrow is expected to reach a high of 50 or 10 celcius. We are hoping the festival has a better day.
They put so much hard work into it. I love the taste of pure maple syrup.
Did you know it is full of Calcium which is good for our bones.
Can you taste the hot pancakes with the syrup oozing over the top. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm......


  1. This weather is killing me. It has been really nice and now that the kids are on spring break next week, they are forecasting flurries/rain and cold! Yuk.
    I'll meet you for those pancakes..yummy.

  2. I wish it would have been better weather for your town. i know how much work it takes to put something together.
    We are expecting snow tomorrow so today I had better enjoy the weather, it is 50. I am going for a walk. Dianntha

  3. We had a dusting of snow here this morning as well Linda. It's gone now thank goodness. Hopefully it'll warm up some and the turnout will be better.

    What time are you serving the pancakes? Yummo!

  4. I just adore real maple syrup and would love to taste it in Canada! I always by the real stuff - no point wasting money on imitations. Hope the weather improves soon...Ann :)

  5. I received the runner in the mail over the weekend. Thank you so much. I LOVE it and posted about it today on my blog. How generous of you to wrap it in fabric--great idea!! Hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks again. Be Blessed, Julie

  6. Linda, I did not know that real Maple Syrup has calcium in. How interesting. Just another good reason to eat more pancakes.

  7. What an adorable picture! Yummm, now I want pancakes! ♥ Diane