Sunday, April 12, 2009

Well has everyone had their fill of chocolate yet???

A few posts back I mentioned that our kitchen was torn apart. Actually, it was Feb 9th that we had to move out. That day the demolition started.
Exactly 2 months to the day our kitchen is finished. HORRAY!!!

We had mould under our floors and under the kitchen cabinets brewing. We did not know it. We thought we over used the swiffer on our pergo floor. But that was not the case.
Our dishwasher had a slow leak. Over months of build up the floor started to buckle. It wasn't until my husband pulled out the dishwasher that we found that the hose was split. So we called our insurance and they came out. An Engineer for mould took samples and then the demo started. If the mould is contained as it was , before the floor is pulled up it is of no harm. But once the floor is lifted its exposed and harmful, Hence our moving out. So here are some pics of the new kitchen.

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