Saturday, April 18, 2009

Out Touring

This pitcher was a steal
It cost $40.00 and its made by Alfred Meakin England, and the rooster doorstop was $20.00.
We have gone through a brick doorstop that I covered and hooked a rug design on, an antique iron , the handle was chewed off. Now I don't think that fergus can chew thru cast iron. So maybe will have this one for awhile.

Today was another beautiful day. So we decided to go touring with our 49 Ford 1/2 ton.
This is the first time out for the season. We have to wait till all the salt is off the roads.We left here around ten and arrived home at 7:00pm.

Of course when we are out in this truck everyone looks . My husband restored this farm vehicle a few years ago. We enjoy go antiquing . So we went to Inglewood Antiques and this is what we bought.


  1. Very cool truck, Linda. Hubby would like that. I like the candy apple red!
    I like the rooster should do the job!

  2. guys would flip to see that lovely truck! My grandpa had one when I was a young kid would would take Sunday drives....I can still smell the smells of sitting on that bench seat in between my grandparents.