Monday, June 22, 2009

Gone to the dogs

Fergus just came back from the groomers. It was time for a bath and his nails to be cut. Does'nt he look cute in his red bandana. And Max was so happy to see him. Can't you see his smile. I Love my pets. How many do you have??


  1. Linda, I know very little about dog breeds, so I'm asking, is Fergus a Westie?

  2. They are as cute as buttons. So handsome in his new do. Such a cheeky scamp. I used to have two miniature dachshunds but we are pet-less at the moment. I miss them and their shenanigans. Ann :)

  3. Doesn't he look so spiffy with his new 'do' and red bandana. Mac, my Westie, looks great when he comes back from the groomers as well, but that lasts for about two days. Typical male, huh?

    Max is pretty special too. Give him a cookie for me.

  4. How sweet! I have two mini Dachshunds, well, one is a mini - the other is a maxi, lol! You can see a picture of them in the right hand sidebar on my blog - way down!

  5. Aww, Fergus is adorable. That picture makes me want to pick him up and hug him!
    Max looks like a chocolate lab? Our golden retriever, Trixy, died a few years ago. She was such a terrific dog. So gentle and sweet. I still miss her. I'd really like to get another dog, but our cat, Skittles is old and set in her ways, I think it would traumatize her to have to share the house with another animal. She stays in hiding the entire time my grandson is visiting so a dog, I'm sure, would make her crazy. She's never given Kaiden a chance ... she hates him! She hisses and tells him off if he dares to cross her path!
    Oh, how we love her though!

  6. They look so cute! I just have one, a 2 yr old crazy golden retriever named Lucy!