Friday, June 12, 2009


Yahoo!! a package came today from Oakland, CA . Boy I couldn't get that packages open fast enough. I knew this was from my pincushion swap buddy . Three beautifully wrapped packages. Which one do I open first.The large green one! The pincushion is worked in hexigons. What a great idea!
The next package I opened was the red one. Inside I found a pin keep full of pins, some needles and some white floss. I could'nt wait to open the next one. What could it be? Herbal teas and a panel that you crayon tint. Can't wait to try my hand at that.

Thanks ever so much Nann for all the goodies. you can find Nann at the quilted pomegranate


  1. FUN----I love swap goodness. Looks like you scored!! Julie

  2. Fantastic presents. Lucky you! ....Ann :)

  3. A pincushion and needlecase wrought in vintage-looking there anything better?

    I love all your gifts, Linda. Isn't swapping fun?