Friday, June 5, 2009

I LOVE RED......

My daughter Jill had seen me looking on e-bay last Jan at anything that had cherries on it.
We came upon a pie plate with cherries and how to make a cherry pie.
Well , she found this one at a local store. Thought that she would suprise me.
Mom I have a gift for you. AHHHHH there it was a pie plate with cherries. SOOOthoughtful. Don'tcha just love'm
Well she knows I love to decorate with red so here goes...
A cherry print that I have in my kitchen.
My doors in our hallway are colonial red.
Our armoir in the great room is red.
My Rooster in the kitchen is red.
My curtains in the kitchen are red.
If you want to see more you will have to wait till I post my MLS #.


  1. It's a gorgeous colour and I love the cherry print. They taste good too - cherries that is not prints. Ann :)

  2. I love red too. I never thought about red inside doors although I have always wanted a red front door. What's a sizzix? You said you used that for circles and I never heard of it