Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shopping 101

It was another rainy day here, so after rushing this morning to get ready for another showing on our home, DH said lets go antiquing. I never say no to that. But with the weather so bad, we took our Sante Fe. This is a large antique mall, many isles and lots to see. I picked up this topiary for $18.00 it was on special at 40% off. I'm not quite sure where it will go. I just loved the way it looked. I think that once upon a time it was full of ivy. I also added to my collection of pyrex bowls 2 autumn harvest patterns. Tomorrow being Fathers Day our home will be buzzing. I hope the weather is better and the sun gets to shine.


  1. What a fabulous piece! I'd love to have a good market like yours. Ann :)

  2. I love that and I also have alott of Pyrex it is the best for everything..When I found out many years ago that micro in plastic is cancer causing I threw out all my tupperware.....Love the finds from the mart...god bless happy fathers day

  3. Great buy, Linda. Where is the antique mall? Boy have things changed since we lived in the area!